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Welcome to the world of Billion View Club!

We create initiatives ranging from live concerts, theatre shows, and talent contests through to inspiring creative workshops and online content creation competitions. 
Our goal is to develop communities and help online video fans benefit from our real-world activities. Through integrated sponsorship, our productions add great value to brands and consumers alike, because when people come together to participate (and feel a part of a club), it's an experience they will never forget. 


Please note all live shows are currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Ticket holders will receive refunds from ticket outlets.

What We Do

Theatre Productions

Creator Competitions

Children's Workshops

Entertainment & Influencers

Brand Opportunities

Billion View Club events harness the energy of social media to improve young peoples well-being and creativity

Theatre productions such as the TikTok show 'For You Stage' at the London Palladium blends modern media with traditional artform  

Previous events include a live show feturing YouTube stars in association with toy company Spin Master

We are proud to be experts in the use of User Generated Content to give opportunities to aspiring creatives

Our team are responsible for world class entertainment from rock stadium tours to The Proms at the Royal Albert Hall


How have billion view club embraced 2020 lockdown?

Live theatre production company, Billion View Club, has launched a new digital platform, Creator Competitions. The platform sets custom-made competitions for social media users to create promotional content for retail brands.

The platform, created during Covid lockdown when Billion View Club saw the cancellation of its latest production, also supports content creators to continually improve their uploads through online video tutorials. These are led by professional directors, camera operators, sound designers, actors, mental health professionals, and leading content creators to mentor users to create professional productions at home using a smart phone and household lighting. 


Creative Competitions Co-Founder, David Goodwin says that the creation of the platform and it’s online tutorials will create work opportunities for events and media professionals who have been impacted by the slow in industry from Covid-19.

“We know that there is a new generation of talented content creators who strive to be professional influencers. It is our hope that as more users sign up, we can continue to engage industry professionals to create tutorial content to guide content creators to produce work of a professional calibre.”


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